Between past and future

Birth of Mangini for marketing petroleum products.

Production of metal and aluminum false ceilings.

Production of the first mobile partition with galvanized steel structure and plasterboard panels (partition named Rombika forerunner of the present Abako).

Production of the first mobile partition Planika with galvanized steel structure and plasticized and varnished steel structure with hooking system on the structure. The Planika system obtains the REI 120 certification (unique in the field) and sound insulation 49 dB.

Joint venture with the multinationa French company Lafarge. Beginning of the production of metal structures for partitions and false ceilings.

Production and marketing of counterframes for disappearing sliding door with the name “Krypto”.

From the holding Mangini SpA borns Mangini Srl, the Group company specialized in the field of partitions.

Mangini SpA sells all shares of Mangini Srl to MassimoMangini for 62 % and Fabio Vinella for 38% of the shares.
Constitution of the joint venture with the Chinese company Halumm for the development of Mangini products for asiatic markets.
Comes out Mangini Engineering Srl for the realization of the Group researchand development programs.
Kybos Srl comes from the business partnership with Acotec for the development of the partitions for Operating rooms and Cleanrooms.

Acquisition of the majority of the Brazilian company Interact, a leading manufacturer of mobile partitions in Brazil.

Set up of a joint venture with the French company Qovans, third largest producer of partitions in France for the
international development of French and German partitions market.