People’s habitat

Mangini has set an ambitious goal: create an ideal habitat for the people, an ecosystem that is easily changeable and adaptable to the needs of who is living the environment.

“Walls can move and transform, spaces can widen or narrow, rooms can change look and form: architecture is freedom.” Our objective is creating technological and performing partitions that are movable, transformable and equippable, that can define, characterize and subdivide the spaces. Partitions that are tools for people, that allow everyone to build their own habitat, to change it easily and any time: a real revolution in architecture. Freedom is also the possibility to use a partition as a blackboard on which you can write and hang a post-it, change the color or illuminate it to create a more intimate space.
People spend most of their time at work, so, we design solutions that facilitate social interaction and stimulate imagination.

“The heart of our work is the improvement other’s work”, says the architect Fabio Vinella, Vice-President and Chief Designer of the Group.