The strenght points. From needs to solutions.

Industrial Know how
The companies of the Group dominate the process of manufacturing of three different materials: steel, aluminum and wood.
Technical knowledge, research and advanced technologies are a heritage that is part of the Group DNA and that represent a competitiv advantage worldwide.

Technic Performance
Mangini partitions are high-tech products that can ensure high security environments because they are designed according to strict seismic, acoustic insulation and fire protection norms and in full compliance with environmental

Mangini products are conceived in “ Research and development” center and are designed to be experienced and admired. Shape, color, materials: the design is at the service of the function to improve the space and quality of life of its inhabitants.

Customize and mobility
Mangini reinvents the way of conceiving spaces thanks to its extremely versatile products, able to provide continuous ideas for customization and new expressive functional possibilities. Materials, structural systems and flexible technology: Mangini partitions allow the maximum personalization and mobility to meet the individual needs of people.

Customer service
Thanks to an efficient organization and a process focused on continuous improvement, Mangini responds quickly to customer request, with flexible and effective solutions.

Internazional Character
Being part of a multinational group means making products that meet international standards, dealing with markets and differentcultures and, be inspired by the trends of the world, enjoying economies of scale that consent to help reduce costs for the customer and focus on research and continues innovation as a distinguishing factor of success.